Bedding made of silk

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Mulberry is the most expensive and at the same time a kind of silk of the highest quality. The history of its production (you probably already know that it all started in China) is of thousands  years, during which the production process improved, experts in filature received invaluable  experience in this field and transmitted it to the future generations. This made the Chinese the unsurpassed experts in the manufacturing of silk.

Silk Technology

Very specific conditions are required for Mulberry manufacturing. Mulberry silk is obtained with the help of silkworms or, rather, the domesticated silkworm larvae Mori. But a Mori moth has a very limited set of tasks. It must oviposit and then die. Masonry has an average of 500 microscopic eggs. They need to be carefully protected: kept at 18,333 degrees Celsius gradually increased to 23,889 degrees avoiding spikes. Only in this case there is a chance for a new generation of silkworm - larvae. Immediately after birth the Mori larva begins to feed actively 24 hours per day for a month. It is interesting that except the leaves of mulberry tree a silkworm does not eat any other food.

When the larva gains weight 10 000 times and stores up enough energy for spinning a cocoon, the most interesting stage of silk production begins. To weave a complete cocoon a silkworm takes 3 to 8 days. While forming cocoons, it is important the larvae do not have time to turn into moths otherwise a silk thread will be torn and a cocoon will be damaged. 

If you knew how to take care of silkworm larvae, you would say that they are spoiled by the attention. In addition to a regular supply of fresh mulberry leaves they are protected from extraneous noise and strong odors such as the smell of human sweat, fresh fish and so on. 

Once silkworms complete their work, the cocoons are collected and kept in a warm place for a few days, then are put in hot water to soften the fibers. Silkworm chrysalis die during these processes. A moist silk thread is easier to untwist without tearing because sometimes it reaches a length of 1.4 km. Each Mulberry silk thread is made of 4-20 such interlacing threads. The remainder of each cocoon, much intricated part of a thread, is not used for the manufacturing of Mulberry silk. It is used in the production of  the cheaper types of silk fibers.

Bedding made of silk

Mulberry silk fiber (also called woven silk or wound in water silk) is the strongest natural fiber in the world, it is stronger than steel, resistant to wearing and stretching. It is more smooth and uniform in color than wild silk fiber. The explanation is simple. Silkworms in the wide are not very selective in their food, they eat all the leaves of plants, which they are able to get to. 

If you dream of the most luxurious and durable bedding, look for silk sheets made from 100% Mulberry silk and quilts filled with the same silk fiber. Another important indicator of the quality of a silk texture is a mummified weight (momme) of finished products. This is a standard unit of measurement of silk with a minimum is 12 mm for good bedding. Even better, if your sheet or silk pillow have figures 16-19 mm on it. The higher the momme, the more silkworms were there to deliver you the pleasure of silk embrace of a dream.

Checked momme? That'sperfect! Now pay attention to the number of silk fiber. The figure of 400 and above guarantees that you getin your personal use a really high-quality mulberry silk which will serve you and your children for decades.

And one more thing. If on the label the manufacturer recommends to ventilate silk before using the product, you are dealing with wild silk. Mulberry silk and mulberry bedding do not require airing, as they have no natural odor and hardly absorb other flavors.

Useful properties of Mulberry silk

A special attention should be paid to hypo-allergenic and some other health benefitial propertiesof mulberry silk, because it is a real bastion erected against all kinds of allergens. 

The tick will not pass! Natural mulberry silk contains mucilage of protein structure called sericin, which prevents the growth of dust mites in the depths of your pillows or blankets. Therefore, silk bedding is vital for people suffering from allergic skin diseases. 

Fight to Fungi! Fungal formations, mildew and mustiness are a perennial problem for traditional feather pillows. They regularly need to be dried in the sun with hope that all harmful microorganisms will die like flies. But even after such a procedure, especially if the pillow has been used for many years, an unpleasant aftertaste remains. It seems that something stirs and rustles inside. No matter how strange such thoughtsseem to you, many people after all carry their old beat-up pillows and blankets to the dump. Be sure it does not happen with silk bedding, because it is immune to the fungus.
Rheumatism off! Moistureis another unpleasant feature of many types of bedding. People with rheumatism are particularly affected with excessive moisture during sleep. Aching limbs are able to drive mad, so why suffer if mulberry silk is ready to help you cope with this problem. Its fibers, containing 18 different amino acids are able to absorb significant amounts of moisture, "bung" it in a special way  and keep it away from you while you sleep.
A word to silk protein! Proteins and amino acids contained in natural silk fiber accelerate cell metabolism, improve their permeability, and glue damaged structures brick by brick. Results are inhibition of aging, relief of joint pain, arterial sclerosis, asthma, neurodermatitis and insomnia. 

Bedding made of natural mulberry silk is something that you should not spare money on as you do not spare money on essential medicine and other essentials. This is exactly the case when luxury  turns into useful necessity. Do not pass by.

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