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Bamboo duvet "Blumarine"

  • Filling: bamboo

  • Weight: 3,0 kg (200 x 230 cm)

  •             2,0 kg (160 x 210 cm)
  • Upper material: Jacquard, white 

  • Production: China

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102,00 €

120,00 €

  • Duvet 200 x 230 cm

Description of bamboo

Bamboo fiber is a split fiber of young bamboo stalks held together with natural resins. Bamboo pillows and blankets witha bamboo filler have a unique thermoregulating property. Blankets and pillows made of bamboo can „breathe“ because they allow air to circulate freely inside, perfectly absorbing and evaporating moisture. The products with a bamboo filler contribute to the creation of optimal microclimate, temperature equalization, humidity control, have antibacterial properties and are hypoallergenic. Blankets and pillows filled with bamboo also create a cooling effect, thereby refreshing you.

Deodorizing effect is an obstacle to the emergence of bed bugs and mites. Also tests show that bamboo fiber is longevous, sustainable and durable, allowing you to use pillows filled with natural bamboo and bamboo blankets for quite a long time.

Bamboo fiber, being a natural and a biodegradable (having no harm for the environment) product, has natural antibacterial properties.

Advantages of bamboo:

  • environmentally friendly;
  • anti-allergy;
  • has antibacterial properties;
  • breathable;
  • deodorizing properties;
  • light;
  • soft;

How to care for the products made from bamboo fiber:

Blanket of bamboo fiber should be washed in warm water not higher than 30°C, with use of a detergent intended for handling with natural fibers. Airing outdoors and in the sun has a good influence on the products from bamboo fiber.


Filling bamboo
Upper material Jacquard, white

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